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Information Bulletin(受験要綱)

Information Bulletin(受験要綱)は以下からダウンロード可能です。

DSST Information Bulletinダウンロード(PDF形式)
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  • DSST受験時に申請できるトランスクリプト送付先出願校は、1校です。
  • 別途、追加でトランススクリプト送付を希望する際には、Information Bulletin(受験要綱)11ページの「DSST TRANSCRIPT ORDER FORM」に必要事項を記入し、下記送付先住所まで郵送でお送りください。
  • トランスクリプト追加申請の場合、1校あたりUS$20の手数料がかかります。
DSST Program
2000 Lenox Drive、3rd Floor Lawrenceville NJ 08648



  • Fundamentals of College Algebra; 3B
  • Principles of Statistics; 3B

Social Science

  • Art of the Western World; 3B
  • Western Europe since 1945; 3B
  • An Introduction to the Modern Middle East; 3B
  • Human/Cultural Geography; 3B
  • Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union; 3BU
  • A History of the Vietnam War; 3B
  • The Civil War and Reconstruction; 3BU
  • Foundations of Education, 3B
  • Lifespan Developmental Psychology, 3B
  • General Anthropology; 3B
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse; 3BU
  • Introduction to Law Enforcement; 3B
  • Criminal Justice; 3B
  • Fundamentals of Counseling; 3B


  • Ethics in America; 3B
  • Introduction to World Religions; 3B
  • Principles of Public Speaking; 3B


  • Principles of Finance; 3BU
  • Principles of Financial Accounting; 3B
  • Human Resource Management; 3B
  • Organizational Behavior; 3B
  • Principles of Supervision; 3B
  • Business Law II; 3BU
  • Introduction to Computing; 3B
  • Introduction to Business; 3B
  • Money and Banking; 3BU
  • Personal Finance; 3B
  • Management Information Systems; 3BU
  • Business Mathematics; 3B

Physical Science

  • Astronomy; 3B
  • Here's to Your Health; 3B
  • Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet; 3B
  • Principles of Physical Science I; 3B
  • Physical Geology; 3B

Applied Technology

  • Technical Writing; 3B