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International Student Admissions Test (ISAT)
This exam is for international students applying to medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses at a selection of Australian universities. Some other courses require special categories of applicants to sit for ISAT.
For more information about ISAT please go to http://isat.acer.edu.au/

☑ I declare that I have not previously sat ISAT test within 12 months of this sitting.

☑ I understand and agree that if I attempt to take the ISAT test within 12 months of my previous sitting, my registration fee will be forfeited and the results from the second sitting of ISAT will be withdrawn. I will not be permitted to sit the test again until 12 months after the last sitting.

Important Notes
A 5130JPY fee(including tax) will be charged if you reschedule or cancel your exam within 30 calendar days of the appointment. Click here refund policy for more details regarding rescheduling or cancelling your exam.

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